How To Get A Thigh Gap: Decoding The Thigh Gap Trend

There are 3 main body types that are scientifically documented. When we say body type, we are actually referring to the flesh on your bones.

  • ectomorphs – For this body type, these are persons who are naturally thin and have a harder time gaining muscle mass or fat. Women who fall into this category are the ones who have a higher chance of having a thigh gap. These types are just a very small percentage of the population.
  • Mesomorphs – These persons normally have a larger bone structure, wide clavicles, thinner joints, long and round muscle bellies. They normally find it quite easy to gain and lose weight voluntarily as they have a more athletic build.
  • Endomorphs – This type is normally soft and solid. The thing with Endomorphs is that they gain fat very easily as they are normally shorter in build with thick legs and arms. Their muscles are very strong, especially the lower body.

So in other words, Ectomorphs are the ones that have the higher chance of having a thigh gap, while on the other hand Mesomorphs and Endomorphs have a lower chance because they have more muscle and fat around their thigh bones.

What if I get rid of excess thigh fat?

Well, it might work but there is another aspect you should take into consideration.

Your Pelvic structure


The reality is that thigh gaps are mainly determined by the build and structure of your pelvis. So basically, the more outwards it faces, the bigger the gap so your thighs would be farther apart.

The inner thigh gap is normally common on very lean women, but it also depends on the width of your hips in comparison to the length of your particular femoral head. The point is, it isn’t much you can do to alter

your bone structure when it comes to how far your thighs are from each other. On the other hand, the more inward it faces, the closer your thighs will be together.


Fun fact: The gap is one of the factors that determines the tightness of the Vaginal muscles. The bigger the thigh gap, the more loose the vaginal muscles tend to be. However, the smaller the gap, the tighter the vaginal muscles.

Another thing is that you cannot change your bone structure quite easy as it would be extremely painful.

Hint – Child birth!

The point is, don’t make it your life’s goal to get a thigh gap because everyone has various body types, therefore some will have and some won’t. Either way, you should never try to change your bone structure. In fact, you shouldn’t try to alter it all or your old age days will be filled with pain.

But everyone has their particular body goals so therefore if you’re determined to get a thigh gap then there is a right way to pursue it.

The way to approach it

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