How To Get A Thigh Gap: Decoding The Thigh Gap Trend

  1. A thigh gap is not for everyone

A thigh gap that is as wide as a supermodel is not really normal. You might try to lose some fat around your thigh area but it doesn’t matter how hard you try you won’t end with a thigh gap like Cara Delevingne.

That is just the reality. Even though some women might starve themselves to lose fat from their thigh they might see a small thigh gap but not a natural looking one. Sometimes you can beat genetics but that’s in certain situations.

For example, a person who comes from a line of family that has the tendency of being overweight, that person can keep off excessive fat by proper diet and an effective workout regime. But with thigh gaps, it’s a completely different story.

Most women have hips that are too close together for a large gap to be there even when they just have small amounts of fat around the thigh area.

But not all hope is lost. If you have wide hips you could be one of the few women that can get a thigh gap by doing certain inner thigh workouts.


  1. Don’t expect it overnight

So even though you might have wider hips that don’t mean that you can to get a thigh gap in a day or a week. This isn’t something you can rush even under best inner thigh exercises and diet, you just have to be consistent and patient.

Any physical results take anywhere from 4-5 weeks to really start showing something. Again this all depends on your genetics, so don’t try to get a thigh gap in a day by skipping meals or or by doing some extreme cardio workout regime. You will only damage your health. Just keep doing the right thigh gap exercises that we will show you how to do.


  1. Don’t make it your life’s mission

If you have ever been on Instagram or Tumblr you will see that many young women have made this their ultimate fitness goal. They think that if they don’t have a thigh gap then they are lesser of a beautiful woman. It has reached the point where it negatively affect their health and social relationships.

We understand that you might want to try the newest “thing” that is taking over the fitness world but starving yourself to death by doing some extreme fasting will only bring you negative results.

So please, don’t dwell or dream on it too much, and don’t judge yourself because you don’t have it.


  1. Get some help, if it’s getting out of control.

So if somehow you think that your pursuit of a thigh gap is getting bad, to the point were you are losing too much weight and your skeletal structure is obvious then you need to consult with a doctor for help.


Because Anorexia, bulimia and various other eating disorders must not be taken lightly as they will have some very serious impacts on your overall health. This is very critical for teenagers, as your body is still developing and needs proper nutrition for healthy body growth.

Is the thigh gap challenge going too far?

If keep skipping meals, afraid of gaining the slightest amount of weight and your self-worth is mainly dependent on your body weight then yes, you have taken it too far. You will need to get some medical help or talk to someone who cares about your well-being.

When you understand that some women will never get a thigh gap as a result of their genetics, it becomes easier for you to accept.

So if your hips are wide, then you more likely to get a thigh gap. However, if you’re apart of the large percent of women who don’t have wide hips, no matter how hard you exercise or do some strict diet regime a thigh gap is just a dream.

Sorry, that’s just the cold hard truth, BUT….

If you do the right thigh gap exercises, it can give you well-toned sexy thighs but it will not change your bone structure, because that’s how you were designed by genetics.

We understand that some persons have a strong level of will and determination so even if they have small wide set hips they will still try to achieve it.

If you decide to get a thigh gap, wide hips or not, make sure you approach it the right way by using a combination of proper dieting and inner thigh exercises. You can try to lose the excess amount of fat by proper thigh workouts until you have reached your doctor’s recommend BMI [Body Mass Index].


If after losing the excessive fat from around your thighs and you still haven’t gotten the gap, then it might not be possible for you achieve due to your bone structure.


You might be tempted to lose more weight but if you go below your recommended BMI, you are putting your health at risk. You might have heard of spot training where you can target specific areas of your body  with certain workout but even with that in your arsenal you won’t be able to change your bone structure.

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