Do You Have Letter “M” On Your Palm? – Congrats, You’re Very Special!

Palmistry, sometimes called cheiromancy, may have originated in India as an offshoot of Hindu astrology. From there, the practice was carried over to China, Greece, Persia, northern Africa, and Europe. Though authorities attempted to suppress the practice of palmistry in western Europe, it experienced a resurgence during the 1800s as western occultists attempted to revive […]

Top Signs That You Have Magnesium Deficiency and What to Do About It

Magnesium is all over the place. It’s one of the top ten most abundant minerals on the entire planet. It’s also one of the top five most abundant minerals within the human body, about half of it found within the bones. It’s everywhere but somehow millions of people suffer from magnesium deficiency without even knowing […]

This is why you have pain in the back of your head.

Have you ever wondered what causes the sharp pain in the back of your head? Usually, headaches are the result of stress, muscle tightness, tension, the overuse of medications, and tiredness. Sometimes a pain in the base of your skull can be caused by Occipital neuralgia which is a condition that affects the nerves that run […]

16 Zero Calorie Foods For Weight Loss

So what exactly makes them zero calorie foods? The theory of zero calorie foods is that the body will burn more calories metabolizing and cooking the food than the calories the food contains. This is a process called thermogenesis, and it’s how your body heats itself up – thus zero calorie foods! Cool right? So make sure you […]

Don’t Ignore These 15 Signs of a Hormonal Imbalance

We ladies know the trouble, stress, and frustration that hormonal imbalances can cause us. When hormones fluctuate, we can feel angry, emotional, tired, moody, and suffer the embarrassment from an outbreak of acne. However, no matter what our partners say, hormonal balance is key to our general health and not just a lame excuse for […]